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Commercial Insulation

Icynene Is More Than Just Insulation

Icynene insulating spray foam isn't just insulation, it's also an air barrier that seals cracks and crevices other traditional insulation methods miss. Icynene Insulation provides a superior air seal even in the most unfamiliar designs. This means that choosing Icynene insulating spray foam, can deliver you unique and advantages which will help preserve the integrity of your buildings for years to come.

Your clients will also be glad to know that Icynene insulating spray foam pays for itself on average in just three to four years - and is effective for the life of the building, guaranteed.

Better yet, Icynene insulating spray foam comes with industry-leading support which can help you solve some of your job's biggest challenges.

Benefits of Icynene Insulating Spray Foam

  • Energy efficiency – Up to 50% on your energy savings
  • Improved air quality – Effective protection against impurities
  • Noise reduction – Peace and quiet to make a building more conducive to its intent
  • Moisture management – Protection against water and condensation, even in buildings requiring dual indoor climates (e.g. certain factories)

Process Benefits of Icynene Spray Foam

Icynene Design Flexibility

Icynene insulating spray foam can efficiently seal even the most unorthodox designs without delaying the construction schedule. In some cases, it can often saves times.

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All The Spray Foam Formulas

Icynene offers a range of spray foam options for new construction/renovation projects of all kinds.

Approval By Many Global Organizations:

  • ICC-ES: International Code Council Evaluation Service (USA)
  • CCMC: The Canadian Construction Materials Centre
  • BBA: The British Board of Agrément (United Kingdom)
  • ATec: Avis Technique (France)
  • EEA: European Economic Area
  • VTT: European Technical Approval
  • NSAI/IAB: National Standards Authority of Ireland/Irish Agrement Board

As the pioneers of the spray foam industry, Icynene spray foam engineers and contractors work closely with builders & architects to ensure that Icynene products are properly integrated with other building system elements to maximise performance.

Premier Contractor Network

Icynene insulation is installed on-site by licensed Icynene contractors. Icynene contractors share the company's passion for brilliance, and they exceed the industry's highest levels of expectation to help ensure your clients' overall satisfaction.